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1 day program

What is the composition of the fabrics and what are the stages of fabric production? What is weaving and what types of weaves exist? How to assess the quality of fabrics before making a purchase and how to look out for faulty fabrics during fabric inspection? If these topics seem interesting to you, then you are on the right track! Paris Fashion Academy reveals all the secrets of the world of fabrics in the exclusive course “Textile Management: secrets of success”.

The Intensive One-Day Course on Textile Management at Paris Fashion Academy  the course takes place in the heart of the French capital, at the headquarters  of a French silk and jacquard fabric manufacturer, which gives you an opportunity to discover the abundance and the diversity of fabrics.

You will also learn how to prepare the visit of the largest textile fairs that take place in France, such as Première Vision, Première Vision Blossom, Texworld. With tips and tricks learn how to effectively visit these exhibitions, master the art of negotiating with manufacturers and agents to get results that will be beyond your expectations!

Want to boost your knowledge of fabrics and textiles even further? Visit with us textile fairs mentioned above during the program “Première Vision, Paris & Fashion” !


Part 1.

Textile composition and manufacturing process, quality control

  • Classification of natural/artificial/synthetic fabrics, their properties and uses
  • Types of fabric weaves
  • Fabric manufacturing process
  • Advantages and disadvantages of fabrics depending on their composition
  • Determination of fabric composition

You will discover the samples of trendy fabrics, analyze the range of colors and the different textures that will have a strong stand in in the upcoming seasons.




Part 2.

Visiting and working at Textile Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

  • Types of exhibitions, features and tips for a successful visit of Textile Trade Fair
  • How to visit a Textile Trade Fair step by step
  • Secrets of negotiations with a supplier on the stand
  • How to ensure a stable relationship with suppliers after the trade show (the follow-up)
  • How to get the requested quantity of samples on time?
  • Organize collected data: contacts, photos, samples, catalogues, prices.
  • Terms of purchase from Manufacturers, Traders and via agents


Hotel stays and airport transfers are provided upon request. For more information, please contact us in the form below.



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